Baker Paper and Supply has been serving Eastern Iowa for over 113 years now. For those of you who may not be familiar with us, we are a commercial products and services distributor based out of Cedar Rapids. With over 5,000 products available from 300 different vendors, we have everything you need readily available for your commercial business to operate smoothly. So, what are some of the products and services that we can provide for your business?


Foodservice & Restaurant Supplies

Whether you operate at a restaurant, grocery store, or catering business, your supplies make the difference in customer satisfaction. We provide tabletop products, silverware, bar supplies, kitchen supplies, labels, containers, cleaners, and much, much more. So whether you need the practical use of industry-grade cutlery or the aesthetics of a tabletop candle, we have you covered.

Janitorial Supplies

Having a clean workplace is both important to your employees and your customers. A dirty work environment can turn away customers and slow down company efficiency. We carry top-of-the-line janitorial products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Anything from floorcare products, to disinfectants, and so much more is available to keep work work environment clean.

Packaging Supplies

If you run a business that is constantly mailing or shipping items, we have plenty of commercial packing supplies available for you. We carry a diverse variety of tapes, boxes, and other shipping supplies to help you stay on top of your delivery needs.

Lodging & Hotel Supplies

Running a hotel or lodging branch requires having proper amenities for your guests and maid staff. We have a divergent amount of of amenities, accessories, and housekeeping supplies available for your local or national hotel/lodging business.


Laundry & Warewash Services

Our certified staff will install and train you and your employees on how to use our Betco laundry and warewash systems. If your system is to ever fail or malfunction, we will send out technicians as soon as possible to resolve the issue and have your business back to full operation.

Janitorial Services

We make sure that your staff always has a stocked inventory and proper training for all janitorial, housekeeping, and dispenser supplies.

Dishwasher Leasing

We happily lease out commercial dishwashers to businesses that need them. Our Baker Paper and Supply staff will take care of all installation, servicing, and maintenance of your dishwasher. Paired along with our Betco products, you are sure to have satisfactory results.

Packaging Services

Our knowledgeable technicians will supply and install all the commercial packaging supplies that your business needs to operate efficiently. If your equipment ever fails you our service team is on-call to resolve your product issues and get you back on pace.

Baker Paper and Supply

If you need commercial supplies and services for your business, contact us today to see how we can help you. We take pride in being a company focused around customer service